By: Allanah Paragas

54% of HR professionals which include leaders of small to large-scale organizations consider hiring great talents as part of their top 3 priorities according to a 2021 study.

In the Philippines, companies also prioritize finding, attracting, and acquiring top quality people for their teams. Investing on right-fit talent impacts the growth and health of the company in the long term. However, the primary challenge for talent acquisition leaders is to reduce costs to support other aspects of business operations.

As a well-established Philippine recruitment partner, we have cost-effective talent acquisition service called the Contingency Search to address this ongoing challenge.

The main difference between the Contingency Search and Recruitment Outsourcing (or RPO) lies on the processes, skills of the headhunters, and fees.

Processes. The Contingency Search process involves sourcing, initial screening, and endorsement of candidates to you. While in RPO, our headhunters act as an extension of your internal recruitment team managing the end-to-end recruitment process.

Skills of headhunters. Contingency Search and RPO require different sets of recruiters who specialize one service over the other. Contingency Search recruitment specialists are skilled in finding, interviewing, and endorsing profiles of quality people in 3-5 days—depending on the technicality of the job roles. Whereas, our RPO consultants focus on an agile end-to-end recruitment process for your volume hiring requirements.

Fees. Contingency Search is success-based thus we do not have upfront and retainer fees for this particular service. With RPO, we have retainer fees because our talent acquisition experts will exclusively work as extensions of your recruitment team focusing on your searches.

Companies usually choose to partner with us for Contingency Search when the internal recruitment team needs help in finding, interviewing, and endorsing top quality job candidates for niche, technical, confidential, or even C-level roles within 3-5 working days.

If you are looking for quality talents to join your organization without any upfront or retainer fees, this recruitment solution is the right one for you. Contingency Search is one of the most sought services of Asia Select because we provide top people for your organization with the following benefits:

Zero upfront cost and results-based billing. Unlike recruitment firms with retainer fees, we do not charge you with upfront and retainer fees until the job candidates we endorsed have on-boarded your team. It is a success-based arrangement wherein we only bill clients once we have delivered the service.

Hiring for niche roles. It may also be beneficial for you when hiring for seasonal, highly-technical, and also hard-to-fill positions. When a hiring demand is prompted, our agile recruitment consultants are able to quickly understand your organizational needs and match the right job candidates to your requirements.

Hiring for confidential positions. Discretion matters. No candidate would want to be contacted by different firms, with various approaches and messaging of your company brand. As a recruitment partner, we manage how your brand is being presented to job candidates while we provide them with quality candidate experience.

Hiring for diversity. Collaborating with us as your recruitment ally may work well in partnership with your in-house talent acquisition team for diversity. While company HR recruiters have the expertise in finding more culture-fit talent, we can help you diversify your talents by providing you a different perspective on the hiring brief.

There are no hidden charges for this particular recruitment service. It is a result-based billing, therefore we only send you the bill after the top candidates we have endorsed have on-boarded your organization. As your recruitment ally, we share the responsibility of closing the searches until the right-fit people joins your organization.

There is no minimum number required for us to work with you using this solution. Whether we only work on 1 full-time employee (FTE) or a 200 FTE search, the quality of service we provide is consistent.

We have standard rates for each job level and complexity. Before we start with the project, we will consult with you first to understand your needs, then offer applicable rates.

With the changing demands of the new business environment, it is an essential human resources strategy to forecast and anticipate skills and roles needed for the success of the organization. By partnering with the right Philippine recruitment firm, you are confident that talent gaps and challenges will be highly addressed.

Let’s collaborate. Ask us today how we can optimize this talent acquisition service based on your business.

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