Lakbay ZMG, a momentous celebration marking the 44th founding anniversary of the ZMG Group which includes ZMG Ward Howell, Asia Select, Inc., Asia PeopleWorks, and AsiaPeople Search was celebrated last October 10, 2023. The event also served as a heartfelt tribute to Jesus M. Zulueta, the visionary leader who has been the driving force behind it all.

It was a moment of profound recognition for his exceptional leadership, as he exemplifies the group’s core values of ICITEA – Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Trust, Excellence, and Accountability. The occasion celebrated not just his imaginative guidance, but also the group’s dedication to these values, painting a vivid testament to the very essence that propels the ZMG Group’s success story.

The celebration began on a solemn note with a mass officiated by Fr. Robert Manansala, OFM, symbolizing the importance of spirituality and humility within the ZMG Group’s culture. It served as a time of reflection, gratitude, and unity. Following the conclusion of the mass, Jeanette Zulueta, Chairman and Co-founder of the ZMG Group, took the stage to set the tone for the day’s festivities. She shared reminiscences of the group’s founding by the late JMZ, infusing her words with pride and gratitude, reaffirming the enduring legacy of the organization.

A fascinating journey down memory lane unfolded as the history of ZMG Group was narrated. The audience learned about the group’s humble beginnings, its evolution, and the challenges that forged its resilience.

Following this, Tel Cruz, Group Head of Human Resources, delighted the audience by sharing kwentong #LakbayZMG photos. These snapshots were far more than simple images; they depicted the journeys of the employees on what it is like being part of the ZMG Group family. These photos, cherished by the employees, also served as windows into the lives and fondest memories of the people who have made ZMG Group what it is today.

Regina Perlas, Executive Vice President of the ZMG Group, shared special videos featuring Balikbayans, affectionately referred to as “boomerang” employees who returned to the ZMG Group. These moving testimonials spoke of how ZMG Group created an environment that resonates with the spirit of home, where everybody is bound by a deep sense of belonging and shared purpose.

The Balikbayans used one word each to describe their fond memories and experiences with the ZMG group, and the words “passionate,” “connected,” “family,” “home,” “continuous learning,” and “champion in the making” painted a vivid picture of their journey. The ZMG Group Chorale then treated everyone to a musical performance, emphasizing the harmony that binds the group together.

The group had the privilege of hearing a speech from Alex M. Genil regarding his years of working together with JMZ. In his address, he underscored JMZ’s key attributes that define a successful entrepreneur, including the willingness to take risks, receptiveness to novel ideas, and the personal touch in connecting with people. JMZ’s conviction that there should be “enough for everyone” struck a chord with the audience.

His embodiment of a growth mindset was unmistakable as he emphasized that the company’s success wasn’t solely measured by revenue but also by the personal growth and development of its members.

In the heart of Lakbay ZMG was a celebration of people, values, and the unwavering commitment to growth and success. As the group entered its 44th year, it did so with a renewed sense of purpose and an unbreakable bond that defines the ZMG family.

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