The ZMG Group recently hosted Day 4 of its Discovery Camp in collaboration with ChildHope Philippines in a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility. On September 9, 2023, the session, titled “Inner Creativity: Turn Used and Recycled Materials into Pieces of Art (From Trash to Treasure),” took place. This fun event enabled the ChildHope children to uncover and express their inner creativity.

Evan Aguilar, Career Architect from Asia Select, Inc., commenced the day’s activity with opening remarks. The ice breaker for the day was a delightful showcase of dancing skills, bringing smiles and laughter to all in attendance.

The main highlight of the day was the hands-on workshop where the children were tasked with creating pencil cases from recycled plastic bottles, expertly facilitated by Ronalyn Castillo, Activation Manager from Asia Select.

Under the guidance of the “Kuyas” and “Ates” from the ZMG Group, the kids transformed discarded plastic bottles into functional and beautiful pencil cases. This activity not only promoted environmental awareness but also sparked their imagination, allowing them to foster their inner creativity.

As the day came to an end, an award ceremony was held to acknowledge the children’s outstanding efforts. Each participant received well-deserved recognition for their hard work and creativity in creating their pencil cases. Their smiles radiated a sense of satisfaction, a witness to the program’s success.

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