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Our Proud Recruitment Heritage

Founded in January 1997 by Jesus “Gigi” Zulueta under the name Asia Corporate Selections, Inc., with a primary focus on middle and lower level jobs.

We formally changed our name to Asia Select, Inc. (ASI) and expanded our services to cover the needs and opportunities of the time.

We became the first land-based search firm to be ISO-certified, under ISO 9001-2000 QMS​.

We became a leading provider of end-to-end integrated services by expanding to Jakarta, establishing PT Asia Select Indonesia.

We became a member of the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) the primary trade body and advocacy group of the country’s agile, dynamic, and resilient IT and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector.

We became the official partner of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in the Philippines, the largest association devoted to human resource management in the world.

We implemented Vincere (ATS CRM), a recruitment platform which helped us streamline our recruitment workflow, from job postings to candidate management, leading to better hiring decisions.

We became a member of the Cebu IT BPM Organization (CIB.O) an IT-BPM specific business organization in Cebu, a valuable platform for individuals and businesses to contribute towards the growth and development of the industry.

We celebrated our milestone of 25 years of bringing people and career opportunities together, with a steadfast commitment to empower the Filipino workforce through employment partnerships, career guidance and support for skilled professionals and job seekers, and a mission-driven dedication to connect the right people with the right jobs.

We partnered with Darwinbox, a cloud-based HRIS software solution that simplifies and automates HR processes, ensuring a more efficient and effective HR management system.

As the country’s economy flourished over the last two decades, we made extra efforts in keeping up with the talent acquisition trends by coming up with relevant and holistic HR strategies. Asia Select was established to help companies attract, acquire, and retain quality talents who are essential in driving your business growth and success.

Exceptional People and Recruitments Experts

Being a Philippine headhunting firm, our excellence lies within our people’s talents, skills, and abilities. From client to candidate management, we firmly believe that our strength lies not only in our expertise in recruitment but also within the people who make up strong and cohesive teams in the organization. Driving our business are Asia Select’s well-rounded leaders and talent acquisition specialists, also known as our recruitment headhunters, who are equipped with the necessary skills, competencies, and expertise in bringing quality people to your company

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We are your recruitment partner. We provide a strategic approach that will help your organization manage and leverage talent supply chains in the new business environment. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contingency & Executive Search, and ZMG WH’s Research and talent Intelligence, are cost-effective and ensures that you have the right people and insights on how to drive your business to success.

By partnering with us, we guarantee you the Asia Select advantage:

Utilizing the best-in-class recruitment technology platform, we have access to over 200,000 professionals through our database and our expanded search capabilities.

Efficient and streamlined recruitment process and project management through quality candidate endorsements after the calibration meeting with our recruitment headhunters.

Our team of dedicated recruitment specialists are well-equipped with the talent market trends and are ready to meet the demands of your business.


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We are recruitment headhunters. Our specialty lies on our ability to locate, select, and place professionals, like you, in the right organizations in the Philippines. We are also career consultants. We possess specific industry knowledge that help in your career growth and succession. Our ability to analyze job profiles and Identify skills give us the leverage in giving you relevant career advice

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