By: Allanah Paragas

Choosing the right recruitment solution can make or break your talent-building capabilities. It is also essential to know that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO), is one of the talent acquisition solutions in the market.

RPO is one of the cost-efficient answers to your recruitment challenges. It is mainly suitable for businesses across industries that are looking for small to large-scale hiring of employees. It is the problem-solver for companies belonging to highly specialized industries, and also for businesses who are expecting rapid growth and thus needing quality people to join their teams right away.

Before you consider RPO as the solution for the organization’s recruitment challenges, here are the key factors you need to consider and assess before you partner with an RPO provider:

Know your why

What are your biggest recruitment challenges? Do you have a strict recruitment timeline that will require most of your team’s focus? Are there any process improvements or data metrics you want to understand and realize?

If you have already decided on hiring top and quality talent through outsourcing, make sure that you partner with an experienced RPO provider with the skills and knowledge in the talent you’re looking for (i.e., industry, function, geography, etc.).

Understand your team’s process

How are you and your team lately on balancing HR responsibilities? How is the company’s existing recruitment process? Do you have a clear idea of what is working or not working in the recruiting process?

It is critical for you to recognize if there is a need to fix a part or the entire recruitment process. According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, or RPOA, having baseline performance metrics will help you understand if there’s a need for process improvements. Some of these key metrics are: “[1] What is your time-to-fill for various jobs? [2] What is your quality of hire? [3] What is your existing cost per hire? But most importantly, have a baseline hiring satisfaction survey.”

When looking for the right RPO partner to help you in the recruitment process, ensure that the external provider is aligned with your values. Partnering with an RPO company that has a good understanding of the organizational culture will help you find the right people for the business.

Be clear on what you want to outsource

After knowing your why and understanding your company’s recruitment process, it’s time you ask yourself: What part of the recruitment process do you need to outsource?

There are different functions and parts of the recruiting process that can be outsourced. For example, if the company needs to hire 60 specialized professionals in the next 6 months and your team is capable of hiring 20 people due to other HR duties, the RPO provider can take care of the other 40 talents you need to hire without compromising your employer branding and company culture.

On the other hand, you can outsource a part of the process whether it is sourcing, managing the process, or managing quality candidate experience.

Consider quality, cost, and speed

What is the status of your company’s expenses and resources? Do you a have a strict timeline in terms of finding the right people for different teams? Do you know what your cost-per-hire is?

Some organizations are not fully aware of the importance of knowing and handling their recruiting expenses and metrics. Cost-per-hire is an essential metric that includes the cost of technology used, advertising and marketing the job vacancies, and most importantly the time of the recruiters and hiring managers who are involved in the process.

Engaging with the right RPO provider will not only save you and your team time but also the company’s budget and resources.

Be mindful of the transition period

Your chosen RPO partner should be able to deliver your requirements within the project timeline. However, you should expect an initial transitional period to get the RPO consultants to know more about the organization and the collaboration process with your team. Most importantly, consider the time to develop working relationships between the RPO consultants and the hiring managers. The transition period is also critical for the RPO consultants to know more about your culture, organizational structure, teams, and a thorough understanding of the job descriptions and hiring requirements.

The best RPO companies in the Philippines are strategic and have an in-depth understanding of the current talent landscape. They have a handful of experience and know very well the industry the company belongs to. Lastly, they are able to reflect your brand identity and company culture during the project engagement.

In choosing the right RPO provider, partner with the one who does not only attends to your recruitment needs but also cares about your business.

If you are interested to learn more about how Asia Select’s RPO solution or other recruitment services, connect with us today.

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