By: Allanah Paragas

In August 2021,, the largest network of human resources (HR) professionals, published its primary research study with Asia Select Inc. (ASI) as the only Philippine recruitment company being part of its advisory board.

With more than 200 HR professionals participated, the research study titled, “The Future of Talent Acquisition 2021”, provides a 37-page comprehensive review of organizations’ present sourcing and recruitment processes and how they can prepare to thrive in the new business environment over the next few years.

Working closely with’s HR Research Institute (HRRI) are the 11 esteemed members of the Talent Acquisition advisory board who guided the primary research. Joining’s advisory council are:

During the research process, the council’s main goals are to influence the HR industry’s thought leadership and best practices, and to advance the competencies and skills of HR professionals.

As part of the advisory board, Hans shared with us his first-hand experience with the team. “First of all, it’s a great experience to be part of a diverse and competent professionals. The situation is quite different because we are in a COVID-19 era. The changes in the workplace, recruiting practices, and future of talent are enormous and the need to be agile is extremely important,” he said.

The study was conducted from late June to early August with a total of 210 HR participants located across the globe from every industry vertical. Participants represent a broad cross section of employers by number of employees, ranging from small businesses with fewer than 50 employees to enterprises with 20,000+ employees.

Knowing how to navigate the business at the same time finding the right people will drive the organization to success. Philippine HR leaders and even company executives can greatly benefit from this research through the in-depth information given.

“This research will definitely help leaders of Philippine companies plan to win the war on talent. The changes in the labor marketplace will force the decision-makers to gear up their talent acquisition priorities, processes, and technologies, to keep their business working soundly. Philippine companies will need to think strategically about future talent needs to get ahead of the curve,” Hans said.

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