Hans Bayaborda

President & CEO


Hans is the President and CEO of Asia Select, and an Executive Director of ZMG Ward Howell focusing on technology enablement and technology-based Human Capital Management solutions, consulting projects, and new businesses.

For more than two decades of experience, Hans has led both mature and startup organizations in the technology space and served in various capacities across sales, business development, channels, services and consulting. As a high-performing business executive, he has a deep-dive understanding of the organizational value chain and business best practices gained from working with local and multinational companies in telecommunications, finance, and technology industries. He led culturally diverse teams based in Asia, USA, and parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). His experience in general management includes a significant number of years working with Oracle, Emerson Network Power, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

His last corporate role was as the Managing Director/Country General Manager of Microsoft Philippines.

Hans was a scholar and an athlete at the University of the Philippines where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.