Asia Select’s commitment to promoting a dynamic and engaging workplace culture was on full display on March 9, 2023, as the People & Culture team and ASI Employee Engagement Champions collaborated to organize a unique team activity. Going beyond the typical Thank God it’s Fun Friday games and team-building exercises, the event, dubbed “Paint N’ Brew,” was held at the 10th-floor JMZ Center and aimed to tap into our team members’ interests, passion, and engage them in more purposeful activities.

As they painted, they were also able to enjoy free hot coffee lattes, adding to the overall relaxing and creative atmosphere of the event. The success of the event highlights how Asia Select is dedicated to creating a workplace culture that values innovation, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Aside from team building and learning new skills, Asia Select, Inc. also invited their nonprofit partner, Childhope Philippines, to participate in the event. Childhope Philippines is an organization that supports underprivileged children in Metro Manila by providing education, enabling them to hope and dream again.

Involving Childhope Philippines in the “Paint N’ Brew” activity allowed the scholars to showcase their artistic talents. The scholars were also given canvases and painting materials, and they were able to paint their canvases alongside the Asia Select team members. This collaboration between Asia Select and Childhope Philippines created an opportunity for a meaningful exchange of creativity while also promoting a good cause.

Overall, the “Paint N’ Brew” team activity exemplified how team building can be fun, interactive, and impactful, demonstrating the Asia Select team’s artistic side, creativity, commitment to community engagement, and willingness to learn new skills. By engaging in activities like this, Asia Select fosters a culture of growth and learning while giving back to the community. The event brought team members and scholars together, allowing them to showcase their creativity and build meaningful connections while expressing their talents. It was a great success, highlighting how a company’s culture can inspire its people to achieve their potential and make a positive difference in the community.

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