By: Allanah Paragas

As industries evolve, companies also undergo a series of changes. Every company goes through an observable phenomenon called an organizational life cycle—wherein a company starts, grows, develops, or goes downhill.

When a company is in its growth stage, its focus, priorities, problems, concerns, and complexity diversify. In addition to an organization’s complexities, disruptions are also one of the critical factors that can affect an organization’s life cycle. Disruptions are internal and external disturbances that can interrupt an organization’s activities and processes—including the intervention of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

In the organizational life cycle, growing companies can either face success or failure—depending on how they manage crises and adapt to pressures. During these times, global and local leaders are experiencing a great deal of challenges due to the uncertainty brought by the pandemic. From the interruption of the supply chain to the unemployment of people, companies are having major setbacks that can immensely impact their life cycle—if challenges will not be properly addressed.

By utilizing resources, businesses are starting to adapt resilient measures to operate. The management teams should be the first ones to adopt a resilient mindset for them to form highly-adaptable teams. According to management expert John Collard, companies must have the “ability to assemble a management team that can implement the strategies to turn the company around.”

Crisis shapes a new business norm; having the right people—from staff to C-suite officers—onboard can address the incremental and radical changes partaking simultaneously. Given the current situation, businesses need quality people to get back on track.

Providing organizations with the right people is the core of Asia Select’s business model. We firmly believe that right-fit professionals transform businesses into success. Our business models provide organizations with optimized and cost-effective HR solutions that will address recruitment or talent attraction challenges.

We find the right leaders for your organization through our Executive Search solution. Through our robust network and talent pool of C-suite officers, we provide organizations with the right-fit leaders who are inspiring visionaries and catalysts of transformation sharing the same values with the organization. Catalyst leaders remove roadblocks that prevent organizational development; foster connections across the organization; encourage a welcoming environment that can bring out the best in people; and envision organizations powered by success-driven individuals. We assure these leaders will yield positive results to ensure an organization’s comeback through their extensive knowledge and management experience.

Catalyst leaders also need the right people in their teams to help them transform the organization. With this, we attract and acquire the right-fit professionals—from staff to mid-level management—through our cost-effective Contingency Search solution.

Our teams of top-notch headhunters leverage data-driven tools and technology, combined with our vast sourcing channels and strong talent network from different industries. They have a keen sense of market research and project management that helps provide organizations with holistic recruitment strategies and execution. Through their deep industry expertise and comprehensive candidate management, we provide cost-effective solutions by finding right-fit candidates from our 1.5-million pool of quality talents, thus delivering an overall quality of service.

As the saying goes, the worst times bring out the best in people; but in Asia Select, we bring the best people to your organizations. We put our industry expertise, people skills, and holistic strategies into place to find the right people for your organization.

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