Last August 25, 2023, Friday, IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IBPAP)’s fourth (4th) pocket session was hosted by Asia Select, Inc. at the JMZ Center, a venue dedicated to its late founder Jesus “Gigi” Zulueta. Before the event started, complementary coffee offerings created the right environment for early attendees to interact and exchange ideas. The early attendees gathered around, curious to hear how the panel discussion would unfold.

As attendees arrive, Jack Madrid, President and CEO of the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IBPAP), formally introduced the session. In his welcome remarks, Jack expressed sincere gratitude for the organization’s growth, which now includes over 400 members, and the steadfast support for the highly anticipated pocket session. The sense of community and collaboration was apparent as attendees united under a common goal, driven by their passion for the industry.

With the full attention of the attendees, the session proceeded to introduce the distinguished panelists and facilitators who would guide the day’s pocket session. The panelists, comprised of Rommel Regino, Chief Operations and Sales Officer at Inspiro Relia, Inc., David Bernal, Regional Director of TTEC, Sharmini Krishnan, Head of PMI Business Solutions (Philippines) Inc., Ivic Mueco, Managing Director of Optum, and Ryan Gilbert Chua, Partner, and Business Consulting Leader of SGV Consulting. As facilitators, Ouida Montesclaros, Senior Director of Global Finance at ADP, and James Cruz, Managing Director of Nuvem, Inc., took center stage.

Guided by the facilitators’ adept moderation, the discussion went into the intricate aspects of the IT&BPO industry’s roadmap. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive understanding of the changing market dynamics, as the panelists dissected the forces that shape this thriving sector. The session transitioned into an interactive Q&A segment, where panelists deftly addressed questions from the audience.

Jack Madrid’s visionary perspective also brightened the conversation, as he expressed his aspiration to build an ecosystem where startups can flourish. While this ambition presents both a challenge and an opportunity, Jack’s commitment to foster innovation was evident, resonating deeply with the audience.

One of the highlights of the session was an interesting question: ” Is my organization efficient enough so we can actually start scaling?”, This question highlighted the practical insights sought by attendees, bringing practicality and relevance to the forefront of the pocket session. Further enriching the dialogue, the attendees were treated to a sample formula from Wharton Business School that laid out Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

As IBPAP’s Fourth Pocket Session wrapped up, attendees left with newfound insights and connections, fueled by Kopiko coffee drinks, tea drinks, and chocolates sponsored by PT Mayora. The networking lunch was a testament to the sense of community developed throughout the day and the continuous pocket session hosted by IBPAP as well as giving opportunities for relationship building. The event highlighted IBPAP’s commitment to growth and collaboration, leaving participants inspired to navigate the dynamic IT & BPO landscape.

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