As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, organizations worldwide are compelled to adapt and embrace the transformative power of technology. In this dynamic era, the 2023 Digital Transformation Summit, organized by the Cebu IT-BPM Organization (CIB.O), takes stage.

Under the theme, “Going Beyond the Next Play,” this event embraces innovation and propels professionals towards a future where staying ahead is not merely a choice but an imperative. This event also served as a pivotal platform for the revival of face-to-face interactions and navigating the ever-changing landscape of IT-BPM and other associated sectors.

Asia Select, Inc.’s (ASI) Business Development (BD) Team, consisting of Marie Toni Aguilar and Sylbil Fortuna, joined forces with ZMG Ward Howell’s Research & Talent Intelligence (RTI) Team, led by Gene Gangan, for the highly anticipated 2023 Transformation Summit in Cebu.

The summit featured an impressive lineup of speakers covering relevant topics such as FinTech, Metaverse, and AI were covered, and discussions on the Global Shared Services market. This face-to-face gathering allowed participants to showcase their products and services, and Asia Select was proud to be among them.

One of the summit’s highlights was the RTI team’s emphasis on the transformative power of talent intelligence. In a business environment marked by increasing talent management and acquisition challenges, the RTI team demonstrated how harnessing the power of talent intelligence can pave the way for overcoming these challenges. Gene Gangan’s insights shed light on the pivotal role of talent in driving business success, prompting attendees to rethink their talent strategies and leverage the power of data-driven decision-making.

This summit further strengthens Asia Select’s connections with industry players and decision-makers, allowing the company to provide tailored-fit solutions for clients’ specific needs. With a consultancy approach and innovative technology, Asia Select takes pride in delivering exceptional service to its clients.

Looking ahead, the Asia Select BD Team and ZMG Ward Howell RTI Team remain poised to continue their transformative journey, armed with newfound knowledge, connections, and passion for driving change. By applying the lessons learned from the summit, these industry professionals will undoubtedly spearhead innovation, revolutionize talent strategies, and shape the future of business in the region.

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