Internships seems to be the perfect example of learning beyond the four walls of a classroom. We all know that what we learn in school is not enough to survive the real world, so having this kind of program gives the students a taste of what it is like in the industry that they wish to pursue in the future.

But, applying for an internship can get pretty overwhelming since there are lots of companies within Metro Manila. Let me help you by narrowing down your choices on where to have your internship. Here are 5 reasons, based on firsthand experiences, on why being an intern at Asia Select is the best!

  1. You Get a Taste of the Real World

    A lot of fresh graduates are eager to apply for a job as soon as possible in the hopes of getting employed. However, when it reaches the interview, most applicants falter; often because they aren’t used to interviews.

    One of the biggest benefits you will experience as an intern at Asia Select is that you get a firsthand glimpse as to how the hiring process occurs. This means constant exposure to interviews, talking to people, as well as an understanding of work culture.

  2. It is Not All Work

    One might assume that working in the corporate industry can get very monotonous, but that is not the case in Asia Select. During your stay with the company, you will get to participate in activities that are not work related; as a breather from the busy workload.

    Activities range from stretching to dance exercise sessions in the middle of the day. Also, there’s free food almost every Friday. As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  At Asia Select, there’s never a dull moment.

  3. A Millenial Work Atmosphere

    When you ask employees about the work environment – most would reply by saying “It’s very Millenial.” That’s because a large percentage of the employees belong to the early adulthood stage since most of them are in their 20s to 30s.

    During office hours, you would often hear them enjoying each other’s company – like how a “barkada” would. That treatment does not only apply to their co-employees but to interns as well.

    Personally, I was lucky enough to have a supervisor who is a mentor, friend, and older brother all at the same time.

  4. Meeting New Acquaintances and Friends

    Asia Select accepts A LOT of interns monthly. These individuals come from different backgrounds and schools. You will definitely widen your network beyond your university by acquainting yourself with these people.

    Most start by hanging out only with uni-mates, but as long as you keep an open mind and an open hand, you will surely befriend a good number of people.

  5. There’s an Allowance!

    Let’s be honest, money is important for everyone. However, earning money isn’t exactly the priority of a college student, especially since there’s exams, thesis, and studies to think about. Not all companies offer a great internship experience packaged with an allowance.

    You are sure to grow, learn, meet new people, and even earn money at Asia Select. Hopefully, this makes Asia Select your internship company of choice.

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