By: Allanah Paragas

2020 is a defining year for most organizations. From having a head-on digital transformation to creating new playbooks to address uncalculated events, companies continue to thrive because of their empowered people who are leading them to the future.
In a study conducted by Workplace from Facebook, Employee Experience (or EX) is the future of organizations. Having engaged and empowered employees create a conducive culture where people feel they belong—that sense of belongingness drive employee performance.

Asia Select and Workplace from Facebook organized a powerhouse roundtable discussion about EX and why it is the future of work. More than 25 CHROs and communication leaders from well-known companies joined and participated in the exclusive event. Vicky Skipp, Head of Asia Pacific and Japan from Workplace from Facebook, and JP Orbeta, Managing Director, CHRO and Group Head of Ayala Corporation’s Corporate Strategy led the talk last Thursday, December 3.

Working with top organizations, Vicky and JP shared their first-hand experiences and gave their insights on how their fellow leaders can kick-start a better culture that drives positive change in their organizations. Here are the top 4 tips to spark change:

  • Set goals clearly and communicate the purpose. The role of the leader in creating a better EX is critical. In Vicky’s standpoint and experience, showing transparency and communicating clearly the intent of the company are effective in building trust and getting full support from employees.
  • Create an opportunity for a two-way dialogue. Giving, receiving, and acting on constructive feedback from your people can help you pivot new ways of doing things. According to JP, “the net effect is that we are much closer as an organization because we are able to connect more effectively as a group.”
  • Have empathy and create a safe space. Ask yourself the question, “What do the people around me feel?” Check everyone’s pulse to know how they are in the situation and how you can help them. Knowing these first-hand from your employees creates a safe space for them.
  • Show humility and be authentic. Vicky and JP agreed on the fact that leaders do not have all the answers all the time; they need to interact with their people and ask their help in figuring out the situation.

EX is all about creating meaningful experiences all throughout an employee’s journey in the organization. To achieve EX, it is essential for organizations to begin at the core of EX which is to shift from an employer-driven to employee-driven values and make people at the heart of the experience.

Watch the online event to know more about Vicky and JP’s insights:

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