Travel restrictions around the globe have eased. Filipino and other nationals have started to flock to tourist destinations, especially in Asia and Europe. As a result, the tourism industry continuously prospers with various opportunities for growth and expansion of businesses.

Known as the specialists in the world of travel, G2 Travel regained its momentum as the tourism industry flourished. The multinational travel company had its humble beginnings. It opened its doors in 2011 by launching their local presence in London, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Having a strong management team, the company expanded in 2012 with new office openings in Bucharest, Rome, Beijing and Taipei.

With over 53 offices worldwide, G2 Travel continues to expand its business in one of the centres of excellence in Asia for shared service centres, the Philippines. Establishing their office in Ortigas, we interviewed Andrew Dixon, General Manager of G2 Travel, to share with us how the culture of openness, kindness, and respect revolve in the company, plus the exciting job opportunities in place for Finance, Reservations, Customer Service and Data Services professionals in 2023.

Interview Transcript

From having only few offices located in London, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok in 2012, G2 Travel has expanded significantly in the last decade with a network of offices in 32 countries. What are the company’s success stories that made you grow and expand as a business?

From modest beginnings in 2012, G2 Travel has grown to become a formidable force within the travel industry and the partner of choice for an increasing number of travel businesses globally. Our network of offices spans Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Our customers are at the heart of all we do, and we stop at nothing to exceed their expectations. All our senior leadership team have decades of experience, and have built up the best relationships with our customers based on trust, experience, and a genuine passion for travel.

Although the tourism industry took a toll during the peak of the pandemic, the sector is now recovering significantly as lockdowns start to ease in various tourist destinations. Can you tell us G2 Travel’s story of recovery and resilience. How did the company face such volatility to ensure the business continues to thrive during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic struck at the very heart of all we do, and had a devasting impact on our business. But it’s not the first crisis that the industry has had to endure (there have been many others before). Taking immediate action to resize our operations and gain maximum financial assistance (particularly in Europe) enabled us to keep operating despite a huge drop in business volumes. At all times we had a close eye on the day when business would return (which it has) so we were in a position to seize the opportunities that were available to us – we’re now flying again high once more.

In this virtual age where the future of work is hybrid, what is the company’s take on having a remote or hybrid work setup? How will you maximise every employee’s well-being, productivity, convenience, and performance given the work arrangement? How does the company continue to uphold the value of collaboration and teamwork online and on-site?

We continue to believe that our teams perform best when they are working together so, we’re doing all we can to retain a traditional work model within the business. That said, we recognise the benefits that hybrid working models bring and have adapted our policies accordingly.

With the organisation’s newly added office in Metro Manila, what are the opportunities you have for Filipino professionals? What types of talents are you looking for?

We advertised our first role in June 2022 and through the determined efforts of our leadership team, we’re already employing almost fifty people in Manila. We want to be an employer of choice in the Philippines and we’re already enjoying high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement. The team will grow rapidly within the next year, 2023, with roles available in Finance, Reservations, Customer Service and Data Services. Skills are important, but character and attitude are what we’re really looking for to make G2 Travel rock!

As a multinational company, what can job candidates expect from G2 Travel? Where do you see the company moving in the next 3 to 5 years? What are your organisation’s priorities?

As the travel industry bounces back from the pandemic, the opportunities to grow and for people to develop have no limits. We want to get the best people onboard to grow with us. The G2 Travel you see in the Philippines today is an acorn from which a huge tree will grow.

Being an industry leader in global tourism, what are the notable insights you could share on the future of travel and tourism post-pandemic?

The desire to travel and explore the world we live in sits within most of us. We’ve seen massive growth in this area, particularly in emerging markets in Asia. The pandemic might have put peoples’ desires on hold, but as borders open and confidence is restored, we believe that pent-up demand will create a boom with limitless opportunities. We’re ready to seize those and help make travel dreams come true.

The future of the travel industry is not only focused on digitalisation but also on sustainability. What is your opinion on this? What is your take on green tourism?

We completely focused on ensuring that we play our part in protecting our environment. We plan our itineraries carefully to minimise the damage that tourism can cause and choose our travel partners carefully to ensure sustainability.

With you leading a company of more than five hundred professionals around the globe, how do you inspire them to be motivated, productive, and goal-driven?

Lead by example, never lose sight of your customer and enjoy what you do. Be kind to everyone you meet and smile. You’re no more important than anyone. You’re not there to dictate to people – just to encourage them do the best they can every day. Listen, learn, don’t be afraid – be humble.

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