How to be a top job candidate

Recruiters are on the lookout for top and quality talents. As a jobseeker, how can you prepare yourself to be the top choice of employers and Hiring Managers?

Where to apply: Career Websites vs. Job Boards

We asked our recruiters what the differences are between job platforms and career websites, and where should you apply to increase your chances of getting hired through the following recruitment FAQs.

4 Ways to start strong on your career this year 2021

Starting your year strong is a first step towards attaining your professional goals; while deciding on what goals you need to pursue is the first step towards building your career. As you step up on your career ladder, here are 4 ways on how you can start strong:

In-demand skills in the IT-BPM industry

Upskilling oneself with technical skills is necessary in order to adapt and compete in the talent landscape. However, by focusing on the development of hard skills, people fail to notice the importance of learning and using soft skills. Here are three basic yet important soft skills that are normally overlooked:

6 Resume-worthy WFH skills employers are looking for

Even though WFH jobs are either temporary or permanent, recruiters are on the lookout for the right talents who can thrive with this work setup. If you are planning—or already in the process—to apply for WFH jobs, here is a list of skills you need to possess and highlight on your next interview:

Untold benefits of applying through a career website

The progressive transformation of the recruitment process might not be new to some; but for those who are not yet engulfed with this way of applying, here are four benefits why applying through a career website can help you land the right career opportunity

Leading in the New Normal: An interview with Sam Santos

As businesses continue to face major disruptions with adapting to the #NewNormal, it is vital to have people-centric leaders driving organizational transformation. With over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources, Froneri’s Country HR Head Sam Santos, MBA talks about the effective measures the company has implemented and his best leadership practices to thrive in the new normal.