Did you just receive a call from your dream company? Are you unsure as to what to do for your scheduled interview?

Don’t worry. We’ve got six effective tips for you that will help prepare you for your job interview.

1. Research the Company 

This is essential when it comes to interviews since the employer expects you to know about their company and why you want to work there. Knowing about the company’s performance will help you answer these kinds of questions: “What can you contribute to this company?” “How can you be an asset?” “What makes you a good fit in the company?”

Quick Tip: See the “About Us” section of your prospective employer’s website. This gives you an idea as to how your skills and experience can be an asset/selling-point. If they don’t have an “About Us” section or a website, try to find as many reference materials as you can.

2. Practice Makes Perfect 

More practice means a more natural feel when you reach the real deal. When you choose not to prepare, you’re more likely to feel flustered when you enter an interview. To avoid such situations, it’s best to have dry runs of possible interview questions and situations.

Quick Tip: Start by researching frequently asked interview questions on the internet. Prepare answers for them and rehearse these in front of a mirror. 

For further feedback, let your parent(s), friends, or trusted professor act as a hiring manager. Ask for their opinion to help you improve your style and approach. 

3. Be On Time

Punctuality is highly valued by all employers. By being on time or even earlier than the set interview, you show potential employers that you value their time and the job opportunity they’re offering. Many people value time more than gold. Don’t waste yours or anyone else’s.

Quick Tip: Metro Manila Traffic is unavoidable. Leaving your home 3 to 4 hours before your interview is ample time for travel.  

This being said, it’s best to survey the area you will be applying to days before your scheduled interview. By doing so, you have a better idea as to how much travel time you should allocate.

4. Dress to Impress

Wearing the proper attire for a job interview speaks volumes to the interviewer. While some companies may have a lenient dress code, dressing well still has an impact on the interviewer. It tells them that you’re a respectable person who’s worth their time. This may tip the balance between you and another potential candidate vying for a limited position.

5. Forget-Me-Nots 

Resumes, pens, notebooks, and other essential items should be prepared at least a day before your interview. This helps prevent panic on the day itself and lessens the possibility of you forgetting something. 

Additionally, it’s better to be over prepared rather than under prepared. That’s because you never know what might happen on that day.

Quick Tip: Make a checklist of all the items you need and put them together the night before your interview. This ensures that you know where everything is come interview day.

6. Enjoy the Experience 

Loosen up and stay calm. If an opportunity is meant for you and you do everything to obtain it, we’re sure you’ll make the most out of the situation. Whether you get the job or not, you’re sure to learn a lot and be better prepared for your future interviews. Good luck.

Quick Tip: Keep a smile on your face and remember: you only get interviewed if employers are interested. 

Additionally, if you haven’t been offered a position yet, don’t follow up until more than a week has passed. Pestering the employer may lower your chances of being accepted.

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