By: Allanah Paragas

With the tried and tested methodologies of recruitment and the variety of recruitment technology available in the market, shouldn’t recruitment be easier nowadays?

As talent acquisition teams today face a new wave of changes on how they will manage and re-evaluate their recruitment processes and the associated costs, the support of recruitment vendors is still an effective solution to meet the talent demands.

Partnering with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO) company adds business value and as well as having a cost-effective recruitment process. Here are five clear benefits when looking for an RPO partner:


One of the challenges that organizations are facing right now is finding a balance between addressing key business issues and hiring the best people who are the right-fit for the multiple current job vacancies.

At Asia Select, we can fill the role as your recruitment partner so you can focus on your business needs. Whether working on-site or online, our team of talent acquisition specialists will provide your business with a smoother end-to-end recruitment experience that will enable your business to attract and retain quality candidates. With a proven track record in supporting RPO projects for our current and past clients, we’ve mastered the agile recruitment process and provide an excellent recruitment experience for both the internal HR teams and the candidates.

Strategic Talent Guidance

Building teams are difficult, and the art and science of talent acquisition aren’t as easy as it seems. From thoroughly understanding the talent needs of the organization beyond the job titles and job descriptions to finding and attracting the target candidates—it takes a rigor of expertise, persistence, and sometimes just pure luck to get it right once. On the other hand, hiring a separate consultant and an RPO provider can be expensive. Why not partner with an all-in-one organization that provides both recruitment services and consultancy?

It is essential you have talent market experts who can guide you when making critical decisions. We don’t just find and place the right-fit candidates for your organization, we are also recruitment consultants who can provide you and your business a systematic and effective recruitment process, which will attract and recruit new talents in the future.

Right-fit Candidates

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), 4.2 million Filipinos became jobless due to the pandemic as of February 2021. While it may seem easy to just find talented gems in the labor force pool, it becomes more challenging knowing that all businesses want top-tier talent.

Our Manila-based RPO consultants are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and technological recruitment tools. While you focus on other business needs, we will help you find and fill in multiple job vacancies—ranging from specialists to upper management roles—with the right-fit candidates who will eventually drive the organization to success.

Speed and Delivery

Hiring new employees requires both time and money. From resume sourcing, conducting job interviews, and negotiating job offers, every step of the recruitment process is critical and even generates costs.

With us being your recruitment partner, we provide you an agile and bespoke process and ensure that your recruitment needs are addressed effectively and as quickly as possible without reducing our quality of service and adding more costs.


One of the most important metrics in an organization is ensuring that its recruitment strategy and process are not adding up too much cost or using too many resources.

Partnering with us as your RPO provider will not only reduce the consumption of your resources, but we also guarantee a faster time to hire plus let you experience a cost-effective service with fixed and success-based fee rates for your hiring demands.

Whether your organization is hiring in volume or looking for a few candidates, your people matter and will always be the biggest intangible assets.

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