ZMG Group Discovery Camp: Upcycling Magic with ChildHope

The ZMG Group recently hosted Day 4 of its Discovery Camp in collaboration with ChildHope Philippines in a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility. On September 9, 2023, the session, titled “Inner Creativity: Turn Used and Recycled Materials into Pieces of Art (From Trash to Treasure),” took place. This fun event enabled the ChildHope children to uncover and […]

Empowering Sustainability: ZMG Group’s Green Discovery Camp with ChildHope

Amidst the bustling digital age, it is imperative to instill in our future generations the importance of sustainability and environmental care. The partnership between ZMG Group and ChildHope Philippines brings forth a program entitled “Go Green: Learn About Sustainability and Care for the Environment”.

ZMG Group Discovery Camp: ARTventure with ChildHope Philippines

In a world of challenges, ZMG Group’s ‘It’s a Fun ARTventure’ empowers underprivileged children from ChildHope Philippines through art, fostering creativity for a brighter tomorrow. Engaging icebreakers, art materials, and vibrant expression make this CSR initiative truly impactful.

Asia Select Became ChildHope’s 2022 Hero of Hope

The event served as a platform to recognize the unwavering commitment of ChildHope’s esteemed partners who have made a significant contribution to the organization’s noble cause. In a remarkable achievement, ASI was awarded not only as one of the notable Educational Assistance Project sponsors but also as the Top 1 awardee for the 2022 Hero of Hope Award, solidifying its position as a true advocate of ChildHope’s great purpose.