By: Allanah Paragas

In today’s ever-changing society, companies enact changes that deliver business value. One of the changes companies have applied is inculcating diversity and inclusion in the workplace. According to, “diversified and inclusive companies drive innovative results” because diversified teams outperform a homogenous workforce.

As we celebrate #Pride2020 this month of June, we give focus to our LGBTQ+ members in the workplace. In line with this year’s theme, #StillWe highlights the resilience, struggles, celebrations, and pride that exists within the LGBTQ+ community.

This campaign resonates well with Asia Select, as we strongly uphold diversity and inclusion. Rooted in our core values, we believe that success in the business is driven by our people’s uniqueness, capabilities, and dedication. In turn, we fully support our people’s initiatives to make the organization a better place.

We are proud to have members of the LGBTQ+, its advocates, and allies in the organization who do not only showcase commendable professionalism, but also champion authenticity between colleagues, candidates, and clients.

Being part of Asia Select has made the following people experience challenges and fulfillment working in a recruitment firm. Aligned with their expertise, all three of them have stories and unforgettable experiences that can serve as an inspiration to the LGBTQ+ who thrive in the workplace.


A marketing professional turned headhunter, Nalyn joined Asia Select with one objective in mind: to grow professionally and help professionals find the right career. Throughout her years with Asia Select, she was able to find fulfillment by staying true to her goal.

Matching talents to career opportunities isn’t as easy it seems, and it requires the perfect moment of chance—reaching out to the perfect candidate, at the right place and time. One of Nalyn’s most recent hire, Hazel, is a story of that perfect moment of chance. Hazel is a finance professional, and was about to be retrenched, as her shared services employer was to transfer the operations to India. On the other hand, Nalyn, was on the lookout for a profile just like Hazel, and their paths crossed perfectly as they connected on LinkedIn. A month after their initial interaction, Hazel landed a new role at a global firm with the help of Nalyn.

As a lesbian headhunter, Nalyn not only helps out non-LGBTQ+ members, but also to fellow advocates by finding them the right company—where diversion and inclusion are part of the culture. She handles LGBTQ+ candidates with equality, and always builds a professional and friendly rapport no matter what gender. Her ability to be gender-sensitive and relate with them gave way to having productive, more genuine interviews.

As the talent landscape changes, the need for companies to adapt to certain changes is a priority. According to, this year more companies belonging to the Fortune 500 have included non-discrimination policies—that include sexual orientation and gender identity. These companies have also provided domestic partner and transgender-inclusive benefits. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Nalyn is grateful to know a number of companies who are taking big steps in creating equal chances and opportunities to candidates—no matter what gender or sexual orientation. As a headhunter, she is able to share these opportunities with different yet talented people who can make a difference in the organization.


Before joining Asia Select, Francis worked in the hospitality industry. With more than two years in the recruitment firm, he was able to maximize his interpersonal skills with different types of people—including clients and candidates.

As Asia Select’s front desk, he is an all-out gay who treats the company’s clients and candidates with utmost hospitality. With his positive aura, guests would never forget how they were treated with authentic kindness. In fact, one of Asia Select’s clients sees Francis not only at the front desk personnel, rather, a person with an inborn skill and shows genuine care for people.

With office colleagues, he is known for his little quirks. “Through the little things he does for each of us makes him an asset,” according to one of the firm’s team leads. With the number of personalities he needs to deal with, he has the innate ability to understand the needs of people, making him a trustworthy colleague.

In a survey conducted by the Williams Institute, LGBTQ+ employees feel greater levels of stress and anxiety if they feel the need to hide their true identity at the workplace. Creating a friendly environment where LGBTQ+ employees are able to express themselves “increase job satisfaction and create more positive relationships with co-workers and supervisors,” according to

With Francis, he is able to be the best person he is at work and home because he can express his true self. “It feels light that I can be who I am,” he said. Agreed by many of his colleagues, he is one of the most lovable people they know, and it seems different whenever he is not at the office.


Dawn joined Asia Select as a headhunter after his professional stint as an end-to-end recruiter for a car rental company. He was able to develop critical skills (i.e., interpersonal and sourcing) to be a top-notch headhunter at Asia Select. Celebrating his first anniversary with the firm, he has already sourced and placed quality candidates in their right roles.

As a gay headhunter, his warm personality has leveraged him to connect with his candidates effortlessly. In fact, his perkiness helped Maritess to finally land in her role as an analyst in a multinational firm. Dawn saw great potential in Maritess and took care of her application in September 2019. Months have passed and Maritess was still waiting for the company’s final offer; Dawn kept her warm during those months while exerting persistent effort in processing her application. In January 2020, Maritess finally landed the role and was beyond thankful to Dawn for helping her all throughout her candidate journey.

In an article from, two benefits gained by employees who are open at the workplace are [1] you can build trusting working relationships, and [2] you can be more productive, consequently, in the long-run benefit your career because “your peers will see you in a new, perhaps even courageous, light.” Being an LGBTQ+ advocate, Dawn uses his warmth and empathy to maintain a right balance of persistence with his candidates. His personality gave him leverage to excel in his role—he was currently offered to lead and be the POC of a new client within his cluster.

There are many untold stories of the LGBTQ+ in the workplace, and as we continue to promote equal employment opportunities, we encourage the community to be more accepting and help create a work environment where everyone can be their best selves. This also allows employees to think beyond their own realities, and feel empowered to even do better. The bottom line is that businesses with a diverse workplace equate to diverse perspectives, leading to reaching diverse audiences.

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