Engineering Supervisor

You will oversee and ensure Oversee effective implementation of preventive maintenance (PM) on production machines and facilities.

Medical Representatives (for Pooling)

You will promote and sell pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals and institutions. This position also involves building strong relationships with healthcare professionals, disseminating accurate product information, and implementing effective sales strategies.

Legal and Compliance Leader

The candidate chosen for this role will be responsible in preserving the company’s integrity by making sure it stays on a lawful and ethical course.

Your people matter!

Whether your organization is growing exponentially, keeping it steady, or defending your position in the Philippine market, we understand that having the right people matters.

From sourcing to interviewing, to conducting background checks to creating offers and negotiating salaries, finding quality talents is not just about filling seats. The science of recruitment is a complex process that requires dedication and talent market expertise.

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Customized Recruitment Solutions for Your Business

At Asia Select, we take pride not only in helping Filipino jobseekers find meaningful careers but also in helping organizations build their teams. With a customer-focused and holistic approach, Asia Select’s talent acquisition services provide expertise to help companies succeed in overcoming recruitment challenges.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution streamlines your organization’s recruitment process which will help you identify the right-fit talents.

Contingency and Executive Search

We offer an optimized and success-driven solution to the recruitment of staff level to C-Suite executive roles for organizations searching for the right-fit candidates.

ZMG WH Research and Talent Intelligence (RTI)

ZMG Ward Howell’s Research and Talent Intelligence (RTI) provides innovative research solutions across sectors and geographies, utilizing expertise in data gathering, analysis, and insight generation.

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