Finding the perfect leader for your company is a difficult undertaking. Often, you may end up with individuals who lack skill, experience, or the personality needed by your organization.

That’s why Asia Select Inc. is here to provide you with our signature service: Aspire, our executive and global leadership search solution. We accomplish this undertaking effectively because we have:

A vast network of candidates to choose from. This allows us to efficiently search for the next revolutionary leader your company needs.
A deep understanding of your organization so that the candidate we present fits your company’s culture.
An overwhelming desire to discover individuals who can assist in overcoming the challenges your company faces.

Through our assistance your company’s greater future isn’t just a possibility, it’s a reality.

The Concept Behind Aspire

The word “Aspire” is commonly defined as pursuing one’s hopes and ambitions to reach a goal. In line with this, we want to provide you with a leader who aspires to meet or exceed your organization’s vision. 

This means ensuring that the candidate we offer to you is one that excels in their trade, strives for excellence, and is an inspirational leader with a passion for people.

Contingency Search

Companies starting out, expanding, or letting go of assets often encounter issues filling vacant job positions. This leads to lower productivity and decreased efficiency.

This is where Asia Select comes in. Through Accelerate, our contingency search solution, we find candidates that best fit your specifications.

We start our candidate search the moment there’s an open position in your company. For your reference, here are further specifications concerning this service:

Using our various sourcing tools, we find individuals that share the same values your organization upholds. 
We will accomplish searches even for highly technical positions. 
We thoroughly screen candidates so individuals endorsed to your company fit with your current employees. 
This is a success-driven service meaning that we only receive compensation after we succeed in placing a viable candidate in your organization. 

The Concept Behind Accelerate

To gain momentum; this is the thought behind the name of our contingency search service “Accelerate.” Essentially this means filling your company’s vacant positions faster. This allows operations to achieve optimal productivity at an earlier time. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment is fundamental to every organization. This is because hiring the right individuals for your company can determine if it will prosper.

This is where Asia Select can help. Architect, our recruitment process outsourcing service, is designed to support your human capital growth as well as improve your organization’s recruitment process. Here are further details about it:

We send one of our talented recruitment consultants to manage and guide your company’s recruitment process. 
It’s a cost-effective method that allows you to focus on your business while our consultants attend to the overall recruitment process.
It allows us to fully understand your company’s culture and needs since we’re closely partnered with you.

The Concept Behind Architect

From start to finish, the role of an architect is to design and oversee the creation of structures. We took this idea when we named our recruitment process outsourcing service. This is because what we do for your organization is quite similar. 

We assist in designing and overseeing the creation of your company’s recruitment process much like an architect with their work. Let us partner with you and we will maximize your organization’s recruitment capabilities.

HR Consultancy Services

Businesses of all sizes need a human resources department that’s competent. This ensures that your employees are properly managed, adequately engaged, and driven to meet company goals.

Through Assess, Asia Select’s HR Consultancy service, we can improve the overall effectiveness of your human resources department and company. Consult with us and we can accomplish the following for you:

Policy Development 
Employee Survey Design 
HR Advisory 
Provide Comprehensive HR Solutions 

The Concept Behind Assess

An entry point, this is what the word “Assess” means. This definition is what came into mind when we were designing our HR Consultancy service.

We noticed that different companies in a variety of industries needed to improve their human resource procedures. Even if the problem was prominent, no effective solution could be implemented.
Seeing that we have the resources, knowledge, and manpower, we decided that we should provide them with the means to overcome these challenges. 

Learning and Development

A highly competent human capital is an aspect that every organization strives to build. That being said, not every company has the means or capability to effectively train their individuals.

This is where Asia Select comes in. Through Ascend, our training and employee development solutions, we can improve their aptitude, soft skills, as well as supplement their career growth. Decide what type of training your employees need; we’ll handle its execution. Programs we manage are focused on the following:

Learning and Development 
Career Development 
Career Successiont 
Training Needs Analysis (TNA) 

In essence, these sessions are designed to enhance your employees’ growth towards reaching the pinnacle of their capacity.

The Concept Behind Ascend

We saw that there is a symbiotic relationship between human capital and their organization. By cultivating the skills of an employee the resulting effect would be the upward growth of their company as well. Progress isn’t something accomplished alone, it’s only possible with others.