RecruiTech 2017: What is the Future of Recruitment?

By Asia Select, Inc.,
2017-12-17 23:31:24 | 466 views

On November 23, 2017, the first ever Philippine Recruitment Technology seminar took place in the Makati Diamond Residences Hotel. Numerous Human Resources practitioners attended to learn about the recent breakthroughs and changes that are happening in the industry today, as well as what may be in store for them in the future.

Three speakers were invited to share their in depth knowledge about the HR Renaissance that’s taking place today. However, before they started, the opening remarks were led by Robert Navarro. He summarized the kinds of changes corporations need to keep up with the 4th industrial revolution and futurism. After his opening statements, the masters of ceremony took the stage to introduce the first speaker.

Future of Skills Employment in 2020

Ray Lugtu, the President and Managing Director of The Engage Philippines, said in his talk that the Philippines is very much behind when it comes to technology and skill advancement. Our human capital should start developing their understanding and expertise when it comes to these hard skills:

·         Cloud computing

·         Data analytics

·         Cyber security

·         Artificial intelligence

·         Internet of things

·         Data privacy

Furthermore, he stated that the soft skills we are using today should be further developed to ensure that Filipinos continue being competitive internationally. He pinpointed the following as the essential competencies:

·         Complex problem solving

·         Critical thinking

·         Creativity

·         Empathy

·         People management

·         Cognitive flexibility

To conclude his portion, he emphasized that aside from the growing need for data scientists, we need behavioral scientists. The reason behind this is that changing the behavior of our employees will ensure that they’re willing to adapt to the changes that are happening and see it as new opportunities over being a hindrance.

Social Media Recruitment

Next to speak was Jayjay Viray, a Social Media Expert and CEO of Agrigrocer Inc. She focused on why and how social media should be used by recruiters. Her points revolved around you can use it to better get-to-know your job applicant. This will give you information about their personality, preferences, and if they will fit in your company culture.

In line with this, she stated that it would be best if the management team did not block social media access for their recruiters since it is counterintuitive to what their job demands from them.

After this, she introduced her company’s chat bot named “JoSeph”. You can search for “him” on FB messenger. He provides automated responses to you and helps you find job opportunities.

To conclude her segment, she reiterated the benefits of social media recruitment which include:

·         Finding elusive/passive candidates

·         You will get to know what they’re passionate about

·         Getting resume details without receiving their resume

·         Affordable method to find out important details about individuals

Recruitment Process Automation: Beginning of the Future

Last to speak was Ketan Dewan, co-founder and CEO at Talocity. He discussed how AI and automation aren’t threats to recruiters; instead, he shared how they actually make the recruiter’s life easier. Most individuals fear how their work could eventually be done by machines but Dewan stated that this isn’t the purpose of automation.

He shares that automation is meant to lessen the work put into certain aspects of the recruitment process – such as sourcing and portions of candidate evaluation – so that the recruiter can spend more time into overall candidate experience and satisfaction.

During his talk, he showcased what the app that his company, Talocity, has made. When a candidate uses their app, it analyzes in real-time the facial expression, voice modulation, and overall interview expression of the candidate. After this, it provides the recruiter with information regarding the personality scores of the applicant and also provides the recruiter with a video of the interview.

He also stated how the recruiter can customize the interview of the candidate so that all essential questions are asked. Through constant usage, the app starts learning what the preferences of the user are so that the selection process of the recruiter speeds up because of this.

In essence, however, he says that automation, AI, robotics, and machine learning will inevitably be integrated in the workplace. He further emphasized that this is not a bad thing.

To conclude his discussion, he states that “AI will not take away jobs; because of the fundamental reason that machine has power but humans have willpower. No one can take this willpower out of us. Yes, people who do not adapt to this change, they may temporarily lose their jobs, but they will come around.”

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