All the Government Documents You Need and How to Get Them

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Schools don’t normally teach their students how to get documents that are essential for the working life. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed down below the different government regulated services that you need to register to if you’re planning to start working.

An additional point, don’t forget to keep calm even if the government procedures are becoming stressful. Acting out may taint how those around you see you. You never know, a potential employer may be nearby and you’ll miss a career opportunity simply because you lost your temper.

This government agency provides health benefits to all its registered members. Almost companies will require you to register if you get hired. To start, submit the following requirements at any PhilHealth office near you.
(Find them here

  • Two copies of a fully accomplished PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF). Download it here: (

  • Two recently taken 1x1 ID pictures

  • A photocopy of your NSO authenticated Birth Certificate or two valid IDS or any supporting documents proving your identity

  • A Photocopy of supporting documents for your beneficiaries

  • A Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) issued by the bureau of immigration (this is required for non-Filipino citizens only )

Once you’ve completed your transaction at the Philhealth office, you will be issued a PhilHealth Number (PN).

Most companies will automatically subtract from your salary your monthly contributions for this government service.

The PN will be used for life and ensures that you experience the benefits that PhilHealth has to offer.

For your reference, we’ve also linked Philhealth’s website ( so you can register online instead. Simply



and you will be walked through the step-by-step process on how to become a registered PhilHealth member.

Through Pag-Ibig, you can receive government support when you want to create a home.
Pag-IBIG fund contribution is mandatory for employees who are covered by SSS and GSIS. However, even if you aren’t subscribed to any of these government bodies you can still register for a Pag-IBIG Members’ ID. Below, we will discuss how you can become a member:

  1. Visit the Pag-Ibig official website ( and then click e-services. You’ll find the option within the home page.

  2. Under the Membership header, click Membership Registration.

  3. After, you need to enter your full name, birth date and the code provided. Incorrect information can create inconveniences so please double-check your answers before proceeding.

  4. Next, you will be required to enter more personal information. Please ensure that you have documents such as your Birth Certificate on hand so that everything you have a valid reference. Additionally, we recommend keeping close contact with your parents so that they may provide you with any other information necessary to complete your registration.

  5. After this, double-check the accuracy of everything you’ve provided so as to avoid any issues.

  6. Upon completion, you will be provided essential information that you should hold onto. To avoid further inconveniences, we recommend saving the info, printing it, or writing it down.

To receive your SSS Number you need an E-1 form and various documents. You can print out an E-1 form from this link ( . Submit the filled out form to your regional SSS office together with the original certified true copy and photocopy of any of the following:

  • Baptismal Certificate

  • Driver's license

  • Passport

  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card

  • Seafarer's Identification and Record Book, or Seaman's book

In the absence of any of the above documents, you may present 2 of any of the documents listed below, that include a recent photograph and your date of birth:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration

  • ATM card with cardholder's name

  • ATM card and, if it does not bear cardholder's name, certification from the issuing bank that the account number belongs to the cardholder

  • Bank Account Passbook

  • Birth/Baptismal Certificate of children.

  • Certificate from the Office of the Northern/Southern Cultural Communities or Office of Muslim Affairs

  • Certificate of Naturalization issued by the Bureau of Immigration

  • Company ID

  • Company Representative Authorization Card issued by the SSS

  • Credit Card

  • Fishermen's Card issued by the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

  • GSIS Card

  • GSIS Certificate of Membership

  • Health or Medical Card

  • ID card issued by local governments (e.g. Barangay, Municipality, or City)

  • ID card issued by professional associations recognized by PRC

  • Life insurance policy

  • Marriage contract

  • NBI Clearance

  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Card

  • Pag-Ibig Member's Data Form

  • Permit to Carry Firearms issued by the Firearms & Explosives Unit of the Philippine National Police

  • PHIC Member's Data Record

  • Police Clearance

  • Postal ID Card

  • School ID

  • Senior Citizen Card

  • Tax Identification Card/Affidavit

  • Transcript of school records

  • Voter's Identification Card/Affidavit

Once you’ve received your SSS Number and contributed to the system for a month, you may apply for an SSS ID card. The ID card is widely accepted as a valid ID.

Online SSS Application

Start the registration process by clicking this link (

You will be led to a webpage that looks likes this:

Follow all the instructions properly to get your SSS Number through email.


By receiving your TIN you accredit yourself as a registered taxpayer. This permits you different government benefits and also proves that you pay your taxes. Before starting the registration process, it’s best to prepare documents such as your NSO Birth Certificate and at least one valid ID. To start, follow the next few steps:

1. Go to the nearest BIR Office with the previously mentioned requirements.
2. Fill up a TIN application form (Ask for assistance from present government personnel as to which form you need.)
3. Submit the form as well as your requirements at the designated counter.
4. Patiently wait for your Tax Identification Number to be given. We recommend bringing a book or other material you can use to pass the time. However, please make sure to stay attentive towards your surroundings.
5. Request for your TIN Card ID once you’ve received your receipt.
6. Wait for the ID. Regularly, it can be processed within 1 hour. However, it’s possible that you will be asked to come back the next day.

Online TIN Registration

The easiest and fastest way to get your TIN is online. To begin your online registration, use the link  It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to access services such as TIN online issuance, registration fee payment, and procurement of your Certificate of Registration.

This goes without saying but, prepare a valid email address before you start your online registration. For all online applicants, the BIR sends tax identification number registration status and confirmation through email. We’ve also listed down below the steps you need to follow to fully accomplish your registration.

  • Visit the BIR electronic registration page here (

  • Enter your details. Make sure everything you enter is accurate.

  • Only select the submit button once you’ve double-checked every detail so as to avoid further inconveniences.

  • Once the form has been submitted the registration has been accomplished. Wait for an email from the BIR regarding when your TIN will be issued.

Note: You cannot have more than one TIN. Do not attempt to register multiple times.

NBI Clearance

Some employers require applicants to procure NBI Clearance. Companies implement this policy mainly due to safety reasons.

NBI Clearance Online Application

  • Visit the NBI website (

  • On the upper right of your screen, click on the sign-up button.

  • Options will appear. Select “New”.

  • You will need to fill out an online form. Please make sure all the details you provide are accurate.

  • After completing the rest of the form, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.

  • Next, after activating your account through your email, return to the NBI Website and follow the instructions of the next section.

Submitting the NBI Clearance Application Form
Once you’ve created an account, log in and start filling out your personal information sheet. When you’re done, search for the button that allows you to apply for clearance. However, don’t forget to save your information sheet before moving forward so as to avoid rewriting everything again.

Schedule an Appointment
The next step is to apply for your NBI Clearance schedule. You will be asked to bring 2 valid IDs which you need to state in the online scheduling. Also, make sure that the date you select will not have any intersecting plans or events. While the online NBI Clearance system definitely speeds up the physical lines you will encounter, the line itself still progresses slowly.

Once you’ve accomplished the transaction, check the summary of your NBI Clearance Application. From the top, you’ll see the Particular and the Amount. You will be charged a total of 140 PHP.  It costs like that because you have to pay 115 PHP for the NBI Clearance and an additional fee of 25 PHP for the e-payment service.


Application Payment
You have four options you can choose from when paying for the NBI Clearance application fee. These would be:

  • Banks (Over the Counter)

  • Banks (Online)

  • Mobile

  • Bayad Centers


Over the Counter Payment
Choose an accredited bank (BDO, Metrobank, BPI, etc) when paying for your NBI Clearance application fee. Before paying, make sure to ask the bank personnel how much they charge for transacting through their bank.

Online Payment
There are banking applications, such as BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access One, Unionbank EON/Internet Banking & UCPB Connect, which you can use to pay your application fee with. The amount they charge can vary to as low as 40 PHP to as high as 100 PHP. Make sure to read the fine print of the application you are using so that you know how much money is being charged to you.

Mobile Payment
Some mobile service providers allow you to pay using them as an outlet. In particular, Globe has GCASH which allows you to pay for your application fee hassle-free.

Bayad Centers
Payment is accepted through Bayad Center outlets or their partners such as Cebuana Lhullier, SM Savemore, LBC, Robinsons, eBiz, Petnet, Landmark, Waltermart, Isetann, Sta. Lucia East Mall, USSC and selected branches of Villarica Pawnshop, Palawan Pawnshop, Prime Asia Pawnshop, 2go Express, Tambunting Pawnshop, Raquel Pawnshop, Direct Agent 5, CVM Pawnshop, Sinag Pawnshop, San Roque Supermarket, Luzon Development Bank, Citystate Bank, Go Beyond Expectation Remittance Ci., and more.

Print NBI Clearance Application Form
After paying for your application fee, make sure that you have your deposit slips. Return to the NBI Website and look for your transaction record. Under your transaction, you will find if your payment is still pending or it already has been accomplished. Once it says paid, print our your application form. Make sure that what you printed out has all the complete content.

Process your NBI Clearance
Once you have the form, you may now process your NBI Clearance in their NBI Clearance Office. You will find a list of offices here: (

Quick Tip:

  • Bring Two (2) Valid IDs

  • Dress Appropriately:

    • Appropriate Clothing for Males:

      • T-Shirts

      • Polo shirts

      • Pants or slacks

      • Closed shoes (rubber or leather shoes)

    • Appropriate Clothing for Females:

      • Sleeved top or blouses

      • Blouse with sweater

      • Turtleneck tops

      • Shirt dress worn with pants

      • Tailored dress

      • Appropriate short dresses

      • Skirts of appropriate length

Note: When wearing skirts that go above the knee, hosiery is recommended. The color of the hosiery should be office appropriate such as Black, Gray, Brown, or Nude.

Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application form. Once you’ve reached the office, immediately ask for assistance from a stationed NBI Personnel. Inform them that you are an NBI Clearance online applicant. You will be given instructions on what to do next. Please listen to them intently. Once you’ve done everything then your NBI Clearance application has been completed.

Please note, on some occasions your application may receive a “hit” in the NBI System. If this happens, don’t panic. It’s possible that fortuitous events concerning someone with a name quite similar to yours have occurred. You will be asked to return in a few days time to finalize your request for NBI Clearance.

Birth Certificate
Knowing and having a copy of your NSO Certified Birth Certificate is essential. This document is needed when applying for different government memberships as well as for job application. We’ve listed down below an online step-by-step procedure to help you procure this much-valued document

  • Fill up an online application form (

  • Make sure to fill out the form as accurately as you can.

  • Double-check to see if you’ve written all the correct information.

  • You will be sent an email with details on how to pay.

  • Confirmation will arrive around 2 days’ time.

  • After receiving the confirmation, you need to wait 2 to 5 days to receive your certificate.

  • However, it’s possible that your waiting times reaches up to 8 days.

Service Rates:

  • Birth Certificate: PHP 315 per copy

  • CENOMAR: PHP 415 per copy

  • Documentary Tax: 15 per copy

Payment Procedures and Options

  • Provide correct contact and delivery details so as to have a hassle-free transaction.

  • Make sure you have your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and can fill out the necessary delivery details. They will match your personal details with your records.

  • Payment can be accomplished via credit card or by visiting BDO or a Unionbank branch

  • You can pay using your credit card, by visiting a local BDO or Unionbank branch, or through online payment.

What Counts as a Valid ID?

We’ve provided a list of IDs that companies and other institutions generally accept. It’s best to have these on you at all times. However, you’ll only need at least two of these when applying for jobs. Here is an example of how we formatted the list:

  • Name of ID

  • Where You Can Find It

List of Valid IDs

  • Philippine Passport

  • Department of Foreign Affairs

  • Driver’s License

  • Land Transportation Office

  • PRC  ID

  • Professional Regulations Commission

  • NBI Clearance

  • National Bureau of Investigation

  • Police Clearance

  • Philippine National Police

  • Postal ID

  • Philippine Postal Corporation

  • Voter’s ID

  • Commission on Election

  • Barangay Certification

  • Barangay Hall

  • GSIS Card

  • Government Service Insurance System


  • SSS Card

  • Social Security System

  • Diplomat ID

  • Philippine Embassy


  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration

  • OFW ID

  • Department of Labor and Employment

  • Seaman’s Book

  • Maritime Industry Authority

  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)/Immigrant Certification of Registration

  • Bureau of Immigration

  • PhilHealth Card

  • PhilHealth

  • Birth Certificate

  • National Statistics Office


  • Marriage Contract

  • National Statistics Office

  • Community Tax Certificate

  • Barangay Hall

  • TIN Card

  • Bureau of Internal Revenue

  • OSCA/Senior Citizen’s Card

  • Office of Senior Citizen’s Affairs

  • POEA Card

  • Philippine Overseas Employment Association

  • Consular ID

  • Philippine Embassy

  • PRA Special Resident Retiree Visa

  • Philippine Retirement Authority


  • NCWDP Certification

  • National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons

  • DSWD Certification

  • Department of Social Welfare and Development

  • BIR Taxpayer’s ID

  • Bureau of Internal Revenue

  • Firearms License

  • PNP Firearms and Explosives Office


  • Philippine Leisure and Retirement Authority

  • Student’s ID


  • School Registrar’s Office