6 Things You Should Do After a Job Interview

By Asia Select Inc.,
2017-04-06 00:02:57 | 842 views

Congratulations! You have completed a scheduled interview. While you may want to start relaxing, your application isn’t over yet. An effective follow-up is required to seal the deal. Responses from the companies can be quick or slow. We’ve provided some reminders that you have to bear in mind while waiting; and even after you receive their final response.

1. Express Your Appreciation

A thank-you note gauges your interest. This message may address your headhunter, internal recruiter, or both.  Express your experience and appreciation as clearly as you can so that the reader can grasp how you felt about the interview.

2. No Stalking, Yes Following

You may be anxious about the results, but that doesn’t give you the license to pester your potential employer. Avoid sending LinkedIn invitations to the people who interviewed you until the hiring process has ended. If the recruiter says two weeks, you have to endure and be patient for two weeks.

3. Waiting Means Continual Preparation

Even if you’re confident that you did well in the interview, continue preparing for the next possible interviews with the company. Research more about the role and company. As Joe Weinlick, Vice President of has said 

“Dig deep to find interesting pieces of information that most people cannot find on the company’s website.” 

This may help you respond effectively when you’re called for a follow-up interview.

4. Hope but Explore

You never know when you might hear about a position you’ve long forgotten about. That’s why you should keep your job search in high gear until you’ve been given an acceptable offer. Nothing compares to the feeling of being accepted for a desirable position.

5. Accept Rejection Professionally

In life, there’s always the possibility of failure. One of the things that define you is the capability to accept such circumstances in a professional manner. 

Grace in defeat places you on top. Also, you’ll never know what the future holds unless you keep trying. Learn from the experience so that you can become a better you when the next job interviews come. For our professional advice on how to prepare for a job interview, click here. (link “here” to the 6 Tips to Ace Your Interview)

6. Stay in Touch

Networks do not lose sight of each other. Remain in contact even after you’ve been rejected. This gives you the possibility of collaborating or even becoming an employee of the company.

Just be careful not to overdo it; you might be seen as a pest. The line between persevering and hopefulness and irritating and annoying is blurry at best. 

Good luck with your application and congratulations whether you get the position or not.