4 Reasons Why Job Searches in the Philippines is Easier Today

By Asia Select, Inc.,
2017-06-02 02:59:32 | 165 views

Society regards the unemployed in many ways. If they have skills they’re seen as lazy. If they lack skills but are actively searching, they’re seen as unlucky, unqualified, or both. While this case may be true for some individuals, this isn’t the main reason why the unemployed stay unemployed. In most cases, they simply haven’t exhausted all the means readily available to them.

This being said, we aren't saying that jobs are supposed to just land on your lap. They need to be worked for. If one wants a job, one has to exert oneself first before anything.

Numerous companies, individuals, and countries around the world respect and sometimes even go after what the Filipino talent has to offer. For those who want a job or advance their career, we’ve listed down below some of the most effective ways to find employment.

Advent of Technology
With the rise of mobile devices, supercomputers, and other innovations; accessibility to job opportunities has exponentially increased. Gone were the days when you HAVE to visit multiple company locations. Added to this, the improvements to net speed has encouraged multiple individuals to invest in online resources.

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Affordable Upskill Options
In this day and age, it’s near impossible to not have the skills you need to succeed. While it’s true that all companies look at your qualifications or past work, attaining skills at lower level jobs is a great way to put your foot in the door. As long as you keep proving yourself as a company asset, nothing is impossible when it comes to achieving your career goals.

More than this, numerous companies offer certification for various skill sets. One such company is SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) []. They are the global leader in HR certification.

Personal Ties
Friends, family, and peers. Normally, those close to you work in companies looking for more employees. To start reaching out to your personal network, simply share your current predicament or career path. Your story could encourage these individuals to share job opportunities with you.

If this still doesn’t work, a more direct approach would. Ask your friends, post a crowdsourcing post in social media, or get in touch with people you know have good job positions. Be careful though, you shouldn’t appear to them as desperate or pestering. You need to find the right balance so you can properly ask your personal network what job opportunities are available at your skill level.

Recruitment Companies
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