DPO Career Outlook Discussed at the 1st National Data Privacy Conference

By Asia Select, Inc.
2018-05-29 11:00:24 | 420 views

Engelbert Camasura, AFPM, was invited by the National Privacy Commission to speak during day-1 of the 1st National Data Privacy Conference from May 28 to 29, 2018.

The event promoted every Filipino’s right to data privacy, how to build privacy resilience, and ways to enable Filipino Data Privacy Officers. The conference was set to spearhead the weeklong celebration of the Privacy Awareness Week (PAW), an annual international effort to draw public attention towards privacy issues and the importance of protecting personal information.

In addition, the president of Asia Select discussed career outlook opportunities in Data Protection, Privacy, and Compliance as well as how every business, from SMEs to large corporations, needs to adapt to these changes. He gave a glimpse on how DPOs can build their careers with the following:

1.)   Build your skills in your respective field, be it in Risk/IT, Legal, Finance & Accounting, and Human Resources.

2.)   Build your knowledge by acquiring interdisciplinary backgrounds in business, technology and/or law. It is also critical that certifications are obtained to strengthen foundation and credibility on the subject matter.

3.)   Build your experience (5 to 10 years) and master these functions:
-      Drafting of privacy policies, technology provisions, and outsourcing agreements
-      IT operations, programming, attainment of information security standards certification and privacy seals
-      Information systems auditing, attestation audits, and mitigation of risk.

4.)   Build your competencies as identified by the Society of Human Resource Management:
a.     Project Management
b.     Communication Proficiency
c.     Change Agent
d.     Ethical Conduct
e.     Learning Orientation
f.      Technical Capacity
g.     Thoroughness

5.)   Build your career path by starting out as first level analyst, moving up to mid-level manager, and eventually attaining C-suite top level DPO, with attractive compensation and packages given the high demand in the job market.

6.)   Industries in the Philippines where there is work demand in compliance that can readily transition to privacy:
a.    Government
b.    Healthcare
c.     Industry Groups, Associations or NGOs
d.    HR and Consulting
e.     IT and BPO
f.      Banking and Finance
g.     Consumer and Service

Despite better opportunities in the US and UK, the career outlook for this profession in the Philippines is well on its way.

Gilbert Camasura was joined by other notable speakers in the afternoon breakout session, namely Atty. Leandro Angelo Aguirre, Mr. Jonathan Rudolph Ragsag, Atty. Ivy Grave Villasoto, Mr. Kelvin Magtalas, Atty. Francis Euston Acero, and Atty. Vida Zora Bocar.