Manila Almost Reaches the Top 100 “Smartest” Cities

By Asia Select, Inc.,
Nov 07, 2017 - 7:11 pm | 128 views

IESE Center for Globalization and Strategy, under the direction of Pascual Berrone and Joan Enric Ricart, conducted a study to find out which city among 180 cities was the “smartest”. Based on their findings, New York would keep its spot from 2016 as number one followed after by London.

In the top 10 are three other American cities, three European and two Asian; these are Paris, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin and Amsterdam respectively.

“What about the Philippine’s rank?” one might ask. Well, out of 180 cities (of which 73 are capitals) in 80 countries, based on 79 indicators covering 10 dimensions of urban life with data sources such as UNESCO, the World Bank and Euromonitor, Metro Manila (the only city they observed in the Philippines) was rated a dismally low 148. The IESE researchers came to this conclusion after ranking numerous other cities based on various categories.

These are the ratings they placed Manila in per category:

Governance – 160th
Urban planning – 145th
Public Management – 57th
Technology – 103rd
Environment – 147th
International Impact – 68th
Social Cohesion – 140th
Transportation – 174th
Human capital – 139th
Economy – 131st

Moving Forward as a Nation
After analyzing this information, it’s a bit disheartening to see that the only city they rated in our country placed so low. While some might argue that this data does not encompass other cities or some might say that this is inconclusive, that kind of thinking is counterintuitive to becoming a better country.

These figures should serve as a warning to all the classes within our nation that we need to do something to improve. A number of these issues are actually felt in everyday life, but rather than act upon it, many choose to let things slide.

A stark example would be in our transportation. When the jeepney drivers went on strike, there was an observable difference in road traffic. While it would be easier to blame the lack of vehicles, it’s also been noted by numerous sources that PUV’s tend to stop wherever they please. This disrupts traffic flow and eventually creates a buildup in vehicles.

What Does All of This Mean
To make an observable difference in our country, we all need to play a part. We believe it’s our role to eradicate unemployment and help everyone find job satisfaction. If you need career assistance, send your resume to [].