Why Your Company Closing Isn't the End of All Things

By Asia Select, Inc.,
2017-08-07 03:39:56 | 568 views

A snippet of my corporate experience spanning more than 8 years revolved around recruitment. This meant hardcore recruitment or should I say ‘headhunting’. But not until recently was I given the opportunity to work on a peculiar project.

Enter ‘Outplacement Programs’. This was a new world for me, totally alienating and unnerving. You see, recruitment for me was always about a company growing, company expanding, and company excitedly moving forward. But outplacement? Outplacement was about a company closing, ceasing its business, and, yes, firing employees. But with the outplacement I handled, we offered the displaced employees assistance so that they could transition into their new jobs.

It took a lot of my innate courage to prosper for this project. I did all the necessary research I could muster to ensure that the employees were properly guided.

Soon, I was working on a night shift and paving the way for a detailed outplacement program for one of our company’s premier partner. With the helpful hands of colleagues and the company I worked with, all things were coming into place. Sleepless nights scouring through HR materials, plotting the event, and creating workshops were all worth it.

Based on my experience, I’d like to share key points on how to ensure the success of any outplacement program:


A good outplacement program always has to have both organizer and company involved – planning, communicating and training. This is proven to be a key determinant because based on the close collaboration and hands-on approach of my client with me and my colleagues, we wouldn’t have known what their company culture and employee behaviour would be like.

One-on-One Interviews

This was a crucial part of the outplacement program because it gives me, the interviewer, a better understanding about each employee. Included in this experience is understanding what their career goals are, what drives them, and getting an overview about them. This ensured that the outplacement program ran smoothly and no one felt left out.

Practical Workshop and Training

Thanks to ASI’s huge network, we were able to facilitate informative talks for the displaced employees. Part of this was information about financial wellness and market trends which helped employees get through their transition period. Workshops touched on topics such as: Advantages and How to Use LinkedIn, Resume Writing, Social Media Etiquette, Communication Skills, and Competency-based Interviewing. This gave each employee a fresh perspectives and learnings that they surely can use in finding their chosen jobs.

Understanding the Employment Market

Without ASI’s expertise in this field, we would not be able to place candidates into suitable careers. It is always important that with an outplacement program, those who are being let off know how the event can help them. Essentially, the event should answer “What’s in it for me in the job market.” All good outplacement programs offer employees with numerous opportunities that they can choose from.

End-to-End Support

It is imperative that outplacement programs should receive all-out support from both company and partner. ASI has implemented plans to endure the highs and lows of the search process to ensure that employees dismissed have a place to land.

Taking part on ASI’s first Outplacement Project was a huge undertaking. But apart from the huge responsibility, this project clearly shows us that there is another facet of Human Resource that is untapped yet. There is great importance that the outplacement program should be successful should a company have a need for it.

By ensuring this, the company management expresses that it fervently cares for each employees since they’re offering guidance to affected employees. With ASI successfully implementing this project, I know that more outplacement programs will be initiated and we are the pioneer when it comes to guided outplacement within the country. Truly, by looking from the outside, we get a better view of what’s inside.