3 Main Reasons Why Customer Service Representatives Deserve Admiration

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2017-06-19 04:18:38 | 192 views

Often, when a child is asked what they would want to be when they grow up, they would answer something like this: “I want to be a…”











... or something along those lines.

Growing up, we realize that there are more career options, specific positions, and possible paths we can take. One such option is working as a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Far from being a glamorous job, CSRs have to roll up their sleeves so that they can properly deal with a variety of people daily.

However, they still keep working hard daily, even with all the hardships they face. Just to show you how amazing CSRs can be, we’ve interviewed some of these hardworking men and women and they gave 3 reasons that we believe make them praiseworthy.

Night Shift Survival

While not all CSRs work during the graveyard shift, a large number of them do. This is because most our CSRs are also part of the BPO industry. Since BPO work hours need to match those overseas, call center employees, help desks, and other related workers tend to have to do their job at odd hours. While all jobs can be taxing, night shift is proven to have a more adverse effect on those who have to endure it. 

Contribution to Economic Development

More than working as a CSR to earn for their families, their work and perseverance have a domino effect. In 2016, near 17% of the country’s annual growth has been attributed to the BPO industry. While CSR related services cannot claim positive growth entirely, a large percentage of this is because of them. Essentially, their assistance has helped our country’s debt gradually decrease and improve our credit rating.

A Benefit to Others Through Overtime

Overtime (OT) pay is one of the most profitable ways for CSRs to earn. While this can be taxing, especially if they’re working a graveyard shift, often, they are rewarded generously for their hard work. Their rewards can range from cash incentives, material rewards, and sometimes, promotion. 

Although the reason behind their OT isn’t always altruistic, the effects in itself are beneficial to coworkers. This is because, through OT, the workload of their fellow employees who are struggling with the volume of tasks that need to be accomplished becomes more manageable. Overall, by opting to overtime, the company and its employees aren’t overworked.

Additionally, a number of interviewees have shared that this perseverance has become an essential stepping stone that prepared them for higher leadership in their organization.

In a Nutshell

While there are definitely more reasons why CSRs benefit the country, these reasons alone sufficiently underline that these hardworking individuals are deserving of praise. They show camaraderie, determination, and unknowingly help the country progress. In short, they should never be belittled.

CSRs aren’t given credit enough for the work they do, unlike those working as doctors, lawyers, and other professional jobs. We hope you can help us change that perception by sharing this article with your friends.

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