Corporate Dressing and Grooming

Highly Effective Tips For Corporate Dressing And Grooming

It’s important to always be presentable whether at work, interviews, or events. Corporate dressing is all about enhancing one’s appearance to look respectable at all times. Improper attire and grooming can lead to a negative perception of your overall personality.

For you to achieve the optimal working appearance, we will discuss tips on how to enhance your attire and grooming. 

Male Professionals Need To: 

  • Shave and Trim the Moustache/Beard Daily
  • Comb Hair Properly
  • Wear Crisp, Wrinkle Free Shirts Preferably in Subtle Colors and Well-Fit Trousers in Black, Blue, or Grey
  • Wear a Mildly Scented Cologne
  • Keep Nails Trimmed

Female Professionals Need To: 

  • Tie Hair in a Neat Ponytail or Bun
  • Wear Flats to Work
  • Wear Minimal Make Up
  • Get Rid of Facial Hair or Hair in Any Other Body Part (Hands, Legs, Areas Around the Lips)
  • Smell Pleasant
  • Clean Their Hands, Feet and Take Care of Finger as Well as Toe Nails
  • Preferably Use a Transparent Nail Paint

For Everyone: 

  • Avoid wearing loud colors to work. Doing so expresses unprofessionalism.  Casual attire, chunky jewelry, stacks of bangles, multiple chains and bracelets are a strict no-no at workplaces.
  • The only rings that look presentable would be wedding and graduation rings.
  • Do your best to look simple but in an elegant fashion.

A Business Dressing Etiquette Summary 

It has been eloquently stated that “A Man Is Known by His Dress and Address.” 

Donning the right business attire is essential to making your mark. Additionally, it’s effective in climbing the ladder of success in the shortest time possible.

As much as you would like to wear an expensive and stylish party outfit to work, we highly recommend that you don’t. Your boss or employer won’t appreciate it, especially if you appear unprofessional. 

Additionally, it’s best to avoid wearing shirts, suits, or any other clothing, particularly if they aren’t well-kept. Just because it was stylish five years ago doesn’t mean that it will have the same effect today.

Finally, know what you are wearing. Never leave your home unless you’ve seen yourself in a mirror.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness 

Your smell, hygiene, and simply looking clean does sell. Employers are more likely to trust individuals who make an effort to look their best at all times. 

Achieve a new and improved look by applying adequate deodorant, keeping all your hair properly trimmed or shaved, maintaining your oral hygiene, and by doing other grooming tasks. (i.e. Bathing, brushing, wiping sweat, etc)

Loud Colors Won’t Make You Proud 

Blue, charcoal grey, white, black, and khaki are the essential colors every wardrobe of a professional should have. Outfits based on a neutral color palette would be the optimal ensemble for any workplace

Know the Fit of Your Attire 

Do not wear something which is too tight or too loose on you. Females should avoid body hugging and revealing tops to work. Dresses with a deep neckline aren’t meant for the offices. Skirts should not be above the knee. 

It’s highly preferable for you to wear flats to work. Avoid being a make-up box. Females with long hair can choose to tie their hair in a bun or a pony tail to keep a clean appearance. 

On the other hand, men should always tuck their shirts into pants to express professionalism. Make sure that the shirt you are wearing is kept crisp and clean. Things you should never do include the following: 

  • Wearing short sleeve shirts to work
  • Rolling up your shirt sleeves
  • Keeping your collar button open
  • Wearing embroidered or broad buckle belts to work; Belts are not meant to hold your cellphone holders
  • Create an Ensemble That Works for You 

Always remember that your tie has to complement the rest of your pieces. The tip of your tie should ideally touch the upper edge of your belt buckle. Also, always wear clean and subtle colored socks to work. 

Price has nothing to do with dressing smart. No one will ask you to show the label on your clothing pieces. Finally, it’s important to note that whatever you are wearing should go well with your personality. You need to be comfortable in your office attire. 

Gaudy Accessories Look Ridiculous

Avoid wearing big earrings and too many bangles at workplace. The clattering sound of your bangles every time you hit the keyboard will not only disturb you but those sitting around you as well. However, do not blindly follow the fashion senses of others. You need to create a style of your own while appearing simple yet elegant.

Additional Tips 

Always flash your trillion dollar smile. No dress would look good on you if you look sad and gloomy. You are representing your company and as such you should espouse to maintain your company’s brand of excellence. Fashion magazines like GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Details can help you level up your corporate dressing and personal grooming.

Please note that corporate dressing varies on the culture of your company. The tips provided are generally accepted by most companies but some may prefer other attires.