In 1997, Asia Select was founded in January under the name Asia Corporate Selection Inc., a “generalist” search firm with a primary focus on middle and lower level job placements.


A milestone for Asia Select and a reminder of the excellence and flexibility of the Filipino worker happened between 1998-1999, when ASI was tasked with providing both line-level and managerial level employees for SevenUp Nigeria PLC. Due to tribal sensitivities, ASI needed to help complete this company’s staff with employees that not only fit the necessary qualifications of the job but also helped better complete the company as a whole—a feat that they successfully fulfilled.


In 2001, the company formally changed its name to what we know it as today, Asia Select Inc. (ASI), and chose to expand its services to cover the needs of the time and the opportunities that were then present. This is also largely the reason why Asia Select has been tacked as a search agency that first and foremost caters to technical job needs. For example, in the late 90s and early 00s when most industrial companies (covering infrastructure, engineering, and the like) were growing in the Philippines and in need of specialists in their roster, ASI was able to effectively cater to their unique requirements.


In 2002, ASI became the first land-based search firm to be ISO-certified, under IS 9001-2000 QMS, though this certification period ended in 2011. Attaining this certification means that even on a global scale, ASI’s credibility can easily be solidified as having met a specific criteria designed to help organizations ensure that they’ve met the various needs of their stakeholders while also following mandates and regulations related to a specific product or program.


Committed to pursuing the goal of becoming the largest and most efficient human capital provider in the country, and soon Asia, Asia Select has become a leading provider of end-to-end integrated services by expanding outside of the Philippines. Aside from their regional presence in Jakarta as PT Asia Select Indonesia in 2003, ASI has also been trusted with handling staffing needs in countries outside of Asia—leading to a presence in Africa.


In 2007, after having expanded to specialize in other industries such as Legal, Banking, Hospitality, Technology, and Telecommunications to name a few, ASI was notably awarded as Partner of the Year by Dell International.

Moving Forward

Asia Select today stands as a pioneer in its trade with a hold on several industries. Consistently, we go above and beyond the needs presented by each client, even going so far as to help shape the overall culture of each client through its human capital. While we are a generalist recruitment firm, our teams and leaders have specialized in specific industries, ensuring that each placement and requirement is perfectly understood, met, and delivered.

We understand that progressive companies needs each position to be filled with only the right- fit candidates. By accomplishing this, we guarantee employee and company fulfillment by championing a system that empowers complete and long-running success.

We do this to develop a Philippine talent base of empowered individuals and companies who are creating real job fulfillment and helping others maximize their potential, which in turn leads to overall growth in the job economy.