About Us


Unlike other human capital resource companies, Asia Select stands unique as a “total” recruitment company. Here, the opportunity to cover all needs plus add Human Resources training and development, positions us as an integrated end-to-end company.

Asia Select specializes in Finance & Accounting, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, BPO/Shared Services, Human Resources, Customer Service, Manufacturing, and Engineering. Aside from this, we also offers searches at the CEO and Director levels along with volume recruitment for more specific jobs at the line and managerial level.

Network Capabilities

Most compelling reason to choose Asia Select:

Asia Select has both the widest network and the most customizable services. We are a generalist human capital solutions provider that has the keen ability to answer any need without having to look for outside help. Aside from having the widest human capital network in the Philippines, we also have the capability to extend from line-level volume recruitment to specialized highest level executives. This includes the expertise to pull from our network the most ideal candidates.

Gaps in the industry that Asia Select addresses:

Many candidates lack the capability of determining proper criteria for specification and vetting of candidates. In this regard, Asia Select has the ability to create the necessary parameters for our clients’ needs that is bolstered by our historical reputation in the field of technical searches.